Dedicated Desks in Makati

For those with a routine work schedule that need to drop by more often, we suggest the Dedicated Desk. You will have your own desk, exclusively yours for the duration of your membership, along with a dedicated locker for all your belongings.  Membership comes with all the great perks the space has to offer such as access to high-speed connectivity, 3-hour use of meeting rooms free of charge (on a per month basis), unlimited drinking water, coffee, tea, etc. Membership for Dedicated Desks can be availed of on a weekly, monthly and long-term basis.
*Rates are subject to government tax
Everything You Need All in One Place

High-Speed Internet

We want you to have the very best. With a speed of 100 mbps, top-notch connectivity is a serious priority.


Centrally located in Makati’s CBD, Work Folk provides you with an easily accessible and prime spot to hold office.

Personalized Service

Customizing our packages, services and spaces to each individual client’s needs is always important to us.

Fully Stocked

We provide free use of office printers and paper stock (but let’s not get carried away and start printing books).


Our doors are always open to guests and clients so feel free to drop by and work whenever it’s most convenient.

Rocket Fueled

We at Work Folk believe in being good Samaritans and making sure you get your daily caffeine fix, free of charge.
Membership Privileges

Business Grade Printing

High-Speed Internet

12-Hour Access (Co-Working & Dedicated Desk)


Pantry Items & Equipment

Free Use of Lockers

Unlimited Drinking Water

Unlimited Coffee & Tea


Free Use of Meeting Rooms (3 Hours per Month)


Secure Code Access Door


Reception Service


24/7 CCTV (Public Spaces)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an open desk and a dedicated desk?

a. For students or freelancers looking for an available space to work at, we recommend the Open Desk. These desks are located in our Co-Working Space and can be purchased on a three-hour, daily, weekly and monthly basis.

b. Dedicated Desks are best for those with a routine work schedule and who have to pop in more often. The package includes a desk that will be exclusively yours for the duration of your membership, along with a dedicated locker for all of your belongings. This can be purchased on a weekly, monthly and long-term basis.

Do you offer a day pass for someone interested in acquiring a dedicated desk?

Yes! Please contact [email protected] if you are an interested Dedicated Desk member.

Where are you located?

We are located at the 9th Floor, M1 Tower, 141 HV Dela Costa Street, Salcedo Village in Makati City, Philippines.

What are your operating hours?

We are open from 9AM to 9PM on Monday to Friday for Open Desk and Dedicated Desk clients, and 24/7 for Private Office clients. We are also open on Saturdays and Sundays for events.

Do you encourage networking?

We respect all members and we value their privacy. We have, however, a Community Board within the center where clients can advertise their services/products.

If I get a dedicated desk, can I use Work Folk as my working address for that period of time?

Dedicated Desk members may use our business address if the term of their stay is for 1 year and above.

Can I book a dedicated desk in advance through call or email?

Yes, it is possible to book in advance.

Can I bring food inside? What are your rules on food and beverages?

Yes, clients may also use the appliances in the pantry area such as the microwave, toaster, panini press, and refrigerator. Clients can eat at their desks, but we also have a pantry room with dining tables available to clients.

Can I also use the printers available at Work Folk even with a dedicated desk package?

Definitely! Our printing services are available for both open desk and dedicated desk clients. Just remember not to print novels!

Is there parking?

Unfortunately, there is no available parking in the building. However, there are several commercial parking lots around Salcedo Village that are open to your use and are walking distance from Work Folk. Parking on the street is also permitted around Salcedo Village. Be sure to read the signs for parking hours & their corresponding fees.
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9th Floor, M1 Tower, 141 HV Dela Costa Street, Salcedo Village,Makati City, Philippines, 1227

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